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18556541777 for toshiba satellite no bootable device



Inaccesible boot device… implies that you drive can't load the OS from the harddrive..itS not a package issue as a result of your laptop computer has not shoed and also the OS isn't loaded.Try restarting your PC… take away battery plug it in once more and restart(here i believe this wont work however its higher to do this basic step first).Thus your hardeare half should be broken or dead..( in the main harddrive).To check that 1st use a live CD of UBUNTU. and check it the computer boots in Live CD.. If it boot then it implies thatthere would be no drawback to alternative half.(motherboard)..(if it boots U will take backup of vital information of C drive and alternative drives to alternative external harddrive).Then attempt formating city computer.(if u format from bootable USB then Use USB two.0 PORT victimizationthree.0 USB port would possibly offer you error regarding the drivers.If this doesn't work. Or u get error…if U area unit Associate in Nursing knowledgeable Open the laptop computer and check the Cables connected to the drive..Thats all i will say. If nothing works. U got to visit service center. call 18556541777

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