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In my families experience they are fantastic machines. we've owned vi wholly completely different Toshiba Laptops over the course of seventeen years. All of these machines ar still sensible except for the one that was hit by associate violent storm continued to run with one ram slot dead(Best acquire removed the ram for my mother) for ~6 months and then finally keeled over throughout a video call. the rest ar still sensible, and one all told them sustained my mother through a try of masters programs.The things that stand dead set ME although ar one. once I move to places for laptop repair I raise that brands they advocate for reliability...Toshiba is usually one all told the recommended brands.2. I even have repaired AN honest type of computers and may tell you the planning of a Toshiba PC is rock solid internally.Oh and an additional funny account once my mother took her [*fr1] dead Toshiba back to Best acquire the Geek Squad guy was surprised and really told my mother one issue on the lines of "Wow, You managed to kill a Toshiba...we rarelyhave these machines returning back"So overall I provide them 5/5 stars for reliability and frequently plan to acquire Toshiba if i'll because of their established performance.

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