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DOCK4, a GTPase activator, is disrupted during tumorigenesis.

We used representational difference analysis to identify homozygous genomic deletions selected during tumor progression in the mouse NF2 and TP53 tumor model. We describe a deletion targeting DOCK4, a member of the CDM gene family encoding regulators of small GTPases. DOCK4 specifically activates Rap GTPase, enhancing the formation of adherens junctions. DOCK4 mutations are present in a subset of human cancer cell lines; a recurrent missense mutant identified in human prostate and ovarian cancers encodes a protein that is defective in Rap1 activation. The engulfment defect of C. elegans mutants lacking the CDM gene ced-5 is rescued by wild-type DOCK4, but not by the mutant allele. Expression of wild-type, but not mutant, DOCK4 in mouse osteosarcoma cells with a deletion of the endogenous gene suppresses growth in soft agar and tumor invasion in vivo. DOCK4 therefore encodes a CDM family member that regulates intercellular junctions and is disrupted during tumorigenesis.[1]


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