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The MDM2 C-terminal region binds to TAFII250 and is required for MDM2 regulation of the cyclin A promoter.

MDM2 proto-oncogene expression is aberrant in many human tumors. Its normal role is to modulate the functions of p53. The N terminus of MDM2 interacts with p53, whereas the properties of the rest of the molecule are poorly understood. We show that MDM2 binds to the general transcription factor TFIID in vivo. The C-terminal Ring finger interacts with TAFII250/CCG1, and the central acidic domain interacts with TBP. Expression of MDM2 activates the cyclin A gene promoter but not c-fos, showing that the effects of MDM2 are specific. Deletion of the C-terminal region of MDM2 abolishes activation, showing that the C-terminal domain of MDM2 is functionally important. We found that increasing MDM2 expression to higher levels inhibits the cyclin A promoter. Inhibition appears to result from titration of general transcription factors because MDM2 overexpression inhibits c-fos as well as other promoters in vivo and basal transcription in vitro. The mechanisms of repression of the cyclin A and fos promoters appear to be different. Cyclin A repression is lost by deleting the C terminus, whereas that of c-fos is lost by removal of the acidic domain. These results reinforce the conclusion that the C terminus of MDM2 mediates effects on the cyclin A promoter. MDM2 transformed cells contain elevated levels of cyclin A mRNA, showing that activation occurs under physiological conditions. There is a positive correlation between MDM2 binding to TAFII250 and MDM2 activation of the cyclin A promoter. The C-terminal region of MDM2, which contains the Ring finger, interacts with TAFII250 and is required for regulation of the cyclin A promoter by MDM2. Our results link the activity of MDM2, a transforming protein implicated in many human tumors, with cyclin A, a regulator of the cell cycle.[1]


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