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Robert Farkas

Institute of Experimental Endocrinology

Slovak Academy of Sciences




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  • Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia. 1999 - 2009


  1. Exploring some of the physico-chemical properties of the LAMMER protein kinase DOA of Drosophila. Farkas, R., Kováciková, M., Liszeková, D., Beno, M., Danis, P., Rabinow, L., Chase, B.A., Raska, I. Fly. (Austin) (2009) [Pubmed]
  2. Regulation of cytosolic malate dehydrogenase by juvenile hormone in Drosophila melanogaster. Farkas, R., Danis, P., Medved'ová, L., Mechler, B.M., Knopp, J. Cell Biochem. Biophys. (2002) [Pubmed]
  3. Effect of bisacylhydrazine ecdysteroid mimics (RH-5849 and RH-5992) on chromosomal puffing, imaginal disc proliferation and pupariation in larvae of Drosophila melanogaster. Farkas, R., Sláma, K. Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. (1999) [Pubmed]
  4. Developmental regulation of granule size and numbers in larval salivary glands of drosophila by steroid hormone ecdysone. Farkas, R., Suáková, G. Cell Biol. Int. (1999) [Pubmed]
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