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Chemical Compound Review

Nemalite     magnesium dihydroxide

Synonyms: Versamag, Reachim, Kudrox, Milmag, Duhor, ...
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  • We conclude that Maalox 70 and Al(OH)3 protect the gastric mucosa against ethanol damage but that this protection requires the presence of acid and may not depend entirely upon the mucosal production of PG [23].
  • Macroscopic and histologic evidence of binding by acidified Maalox to the hamster antral mucosa was clearly evident [24].
  • Such an inhibitory effect on the DNA synthesis of the epithelial cells by magnesium hydroxide may be related to the suppressive action of the trace element on the carcinogen-induced large bowel carcinogenesis [25].
  • This study suggest that gastroprotective agents such sucralfate and Maalox, but not sofalcone or De-Nol, activate the NO system that may contribute to mucosal integrity and preservation of mucosal microcirculation [26].
  • Removal of salivary glands, the major source of EGF, also prolonged ulcer healing but, again, Maalox was as effective in ulcer healing as in rats with intact salivary glands [27].

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