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Chemical Compound Review

Ledakrin     N',N'-dimethyl-N-(1- nitroacridin-9...

Synonyms: Ledacrine, Nitracrina, Nitracrine, Nitracrinum, CHEMBL26291, ...
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Disease relevance of Nitracrine


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Biological context of Nitracrine


Anatomical context of Nitracrine

  • Calf thymus DNA samples modified in vitro with nitracrine and C-857 in the presence of either rat hepatic microsomal fraction or dithiothreitol yielded chromatographic profiles resembling those obtained in the cellular systems, suggesting similarity in the DNA adduct structures [11].
  • 1. Male Wistar rats were treated with either the antitumour agent nitracrine (1-nitro-9-(3'-dimethylamino-N-propylamino)-acridine; NC), 4-methoxy-NC, NC-aliphatic-N-oxide, 4-methoxy-NC-aliphatic-N-oxide, or NC-aromatic-N-oxide (30 mumol/kg, via the femoral vein) and the major biliary and urinary metabolites analysed by hplc [12].
  • The effects of nitracrine (1-nitro-9-(3,3-N,N-dimethylaminopropylamino)acridine on DNA of cultured HeLa cells were studied [13].
  • The results show that the three T-cell leukaemia lines (CCRF-CEM, Jurkat and MOLT-4) are more sensitive to DNA-binding drugs (excluding nitracrine) than are the colon carcinoma lines (HCT-8, HT-29, SW480 and SW620) [14].
  • Effect of cyclophosphamide vinblastine and nitracrine on bioelectric properties of the frog skin epithelium in vitro [15].

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Gene context of Nitracrine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nitracrine


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