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Chemical Compound Review

Silicone oils     dimethyl- bis(trimethylsilyloxy)silane

Synonyms: Baysilon, Silastic, Dimeticona, Dimeticone, Polysilane, ...
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Disease relevance of Simethicone


High impact information on Simethicone


Chemical compound and disease context of Simethicone


Anatomical context of Simethicone


Associations of Simethicone with other chemical compounds

  • In a randomized, double-blind cross-over study, 10 healthy volunteers were given 30 g lactulose and 600 mg simethicone or placebo [12].
  • We prospectively studied 26 patients receiving simethicone (n = 14) or placebo (n = 12) in Colyte (Edlaw Preparations. Inc., Farmingdale, NY, U.S.A.) to determine if the addition of simethicone could improve visibility when administered the night before colonoscopy [13].
  • H2 production from stool incubated with simethicone or placebo indicated that the drug had no effect in reducing the fermentative production of H2 in vitro [14].
  • Improved image quality during abdominal ultrasonography by clebopride + simethicone [15].
  • The bonding strength in the APTES treated devices was significantly greater than in devices fabricated using either a PDMS "glue" or two-part epoxy bonding method [16].
  • Contact angle measurements and ATR-FTIR analysis show that the surface chemistry of the NaOH treated PDMS differs from O2 plasma treated PDMS [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Simethicone


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