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Gene Review

patA  -  two-component response regulator,...

Nostoc sp. PCC 7120

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Disease relevance of patA

  • The patA mutation suppresses the multiheterocyst phenotype produced by extra copies of the wild-type hetR gene described previously, suggesting that PatA and HetR are components of the same environment-sensing regulatory circuit in Anabaena [1].
  • The patA gene product, which contains a region similar to CheY of Escherichia coli, controls heterocyst pattern formation in the cyanobacterium Anabaena 7120 [1].

High impact information on patA

  • Mature and developing heterocysts inhibit nearby vegetative cells from differentiating; genes patA, devA, hetC, and the hetMNI locus may hold keys to understanding intercellular interactions that influence heterocyst formation [2].
  • A functional patS gene was necessary for the delayed multiple-contiguous-heterocyst phenotype observed in hetN mutants as well as for the relative lack of intercalary heterocysts in patA mutants [3].


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