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Gene Review

Gjc3  -  gap junction protein, gamma 3

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Connexin-29, Cx29, Gap junction epsilon-1 protein, Gap junction gamma-3 protein, Gje1, ...
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Disease relevance of Gje1

  • In contrast, decreases in MAG expression and severe demyelination at the soma of SG neurons were found in Cx29(-/-) mice [1].

High impact information on Gje1

  • The R142W mutant protein was aberrantly localized to the Golgi, indicating that it does not traffic properly, but the molecular organization of the myelin sheath, including the localization of Cx29, another connexin expressed by myelinating Schwann cells, was not disrupted [2].
  • In mature myelin-forming Schwann cells, expression of multiple connexins, i.e. connexin (Cx) 43, Cx29, Cx32, and Cx46 (after nerve injury) has been detected [3].
  • The only exception to this were dorsal roots, where the expression of Cx29 was delayed four days relative to ventral roots and spinal nerves [3].
  • This identifies Cx29 as a novel marker for cells of the defined Schwann cell lineage [3].
  • Cx29 protein expression was absent from neural crest cells but appeared as neural crest cells generated precursors (embryonic day 12) both in vivo and in vitro [3].

Biological context of Gje1


Anatomical context of Gje1


Regulatory relationships of Gje1

  • Cx29 expressed in N2A cells did not induce intercellular conductances but did participate in the formation of active channels when coexpressed with Cx32 [10].

Other interactions of Gje1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gje1


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