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Gene Review

Klf5  -  Kruppel-like factor 5

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 4930520J07Rik, BTE-binding protein 2, Basic transcription element-binding protein 2, Bteb2, CKLF, ...
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High impact information on Klf5

  • Among the putative Wnt-1 target genes, we have identified a mouse homolog of the gene encoding human transcription factor basic transcription element binding protein 2 (mBTEB2) [1].
  • Finally, results of co-transfection studies showed that overexpression of IKLF/KLF5 reversed GKLF-dependent repression thus supporting a model of reciprocal activation-repression of SMC gene expression by different members of the KLF gene family [2].
  • Krüppel-like factor5 (Klf5) is a zinc-finger transcription factor normally expressed in the skin [3].
  • Here, we show that overexpression of Klf5 in the basal layer of the epidermis during embryogenesis affects epidermal development and disrupts epithelial-mesenchymal interactions necessary for skin adnexae formation as well as craniofacial morphogenesis [3].
  • Extending our previous observation that KLF5 activates cyclin D1 transcription to promote G1/S transition, our current results further support a crucial function for KLF5 in mediating cellular transformation caused by oncogenic H-Ras [4].

Biological context of Klf5


Anatomical context of Klf5


Associations of Klf5 with chemical compounds

  • Arsenite induced the expression of HO1, HIF1alpha, KLF5, PPARgamma and C/EBPalpha [8].

Regulatory relationships of Klf5

  • ILK expression restored migratory capacity in keratinocytes with suppression of Klf5, whereas ILK small interfering RNA blocked the increased migration resulting from Klf5 overexpression [9].

Other interactions of Klf5

  • Here, we examined the developmental expression of the mouse Klf5 gene and compared it to the established pattern of the Klf4 gene [6].
  • Conversely, over-expression of KLF5 in NIH3T3 cells leads to an increase in the promoter activity of the genes encoding cyclin B1 and Cdc2 [4].


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