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Gene Review

fixJ  -  response regulator FixJ

Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021

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Disease relevance of fixJ


High impact information on fixJ

  • The fixL product seems to be a transmembrane sensor that modulates the activity of the fixJ product, a cytoplasmic regulator [4].
  • Kanamycin cartridges were inserted into the cloned fixL and fixJ genes and recombined into the host genome [1].
  • Bacterial mutants (fixJ and nifD) and a subset of plant mutants (dnf2, dnf3, dnf4, dnf6, and dnf7) defective for nitrogen fixation induce the above genes [5].
  • In order to identify the FixLJ regulon, gene expression profiles were determined in microaerobic free-living cells as well as during the symbiotic life of the bacterium for the wild type and a fixJ null-mutant strain [6].
  • Attempts at separating the upstream and downstream regions of the nifA promoter so as to maintain fixJ-dependent activity were unsuccessful [7].

Biological context of fixJ

  • Two open reading frames of 1512bp and 613bp were identified as fixL and fixJ [1].
  • Thus FixJ binding sites appear to be preferentially associated with the pSymA replicon, which carries the fixJ gene [8].
  • The genes responsible for sensing and transducing the low oxygen signal, fixL and fixJ, encode proteins (FixL and FixJ, respectively) that are homologous to a large family of bacterial proteins involved in signal transduction, the two component regulatory system proteins [9].

Associations of fixJ with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of fixJ

  • A sequence comparison of the -54 to -39 region of nifAp with the upstream sequences of fixKp does not reveal a block of identical nucleotides that could account for the fixJ-dependent microaerobic induction of both promoters [7].

Other interactions of fixJ

  • The remaining seven loci showed fixL- and fixJ-independent induction of expression in response to oxygen limitation [11].


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