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Gene Review

Csn3  -  casein kappa

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW208918, CSN10, Csn10, Csnk, Kappa-casein
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High impact information on Csn3

  • In view of the extreme structural conservation of the casein locus, as well as the phenotype of Csnk-/- females, we propose that the organization of a functional kappa-casein gene would have been one of the critical events in the evolution of mammals [1].
  • To understand the role of kappa-casein in lactation, we have created and characterized a null mouse strain (Csnk-/-) lacking this gene [1].
  • Nucleotide sequences for the kappa-casein precursor proteins have been determined from the genomic DNAs or hair roots of the Ruminantia [2].


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