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Gene Review

Dab2  -  disabled 2, mitogen-responsive phosphoprotein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 5730435J12Rik, AA960054, AI957090, Adaptor molecule disabled-2, D15Wsu122e, ...
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Disease relevance of Dab2

  • In this study, the mouse Dab2 gene coding sequence was identified and sequenced from three lambda phage clones containing the gene [1].
  • Subsequently, the involvement of Dab2 in ovarian cancer development has been investigated: Dab2 expression is lost or greatly diminished in breast and ovarian cancers, and gene deletions have been found [1].
  • In contrast, p96 isoform mRNA levels were consistently decreased in mammary tumors derived from the in vivo hyperplasias [2].

High impact information on Dab2

  • Mouse embryo fibroblasts which lack Dab2 exhibit constitutive Wnt signaling as evidenced by increased levels of nuclear beta-catenin and cyclin D1 protein levels [3].
  • This evidence indicates that Dab2 is pleiotropic and regulates both visceral endoderm function and lipoprotein receptor trafficking in vivo [4].
  • In the absence of Dab2, embryos arrest prior to gastrulation with a phenotype reminiscent of those caused by deletion of some TGFbeta signal transduction molecules involved in Nodal signaling [4].
  • Moreover, our results revealed Dab2 as a novel IFN-gamma-response gene [5].
  • Furthermore, cell adhesion induces transient Dab2 phosphorylation and its translocation to the cytoskeletal/membrane fraction [5].

Biological context of Dab2

  • Overexpression of Dab2 leads to accelerated cell adhesion and spreading, accompanied by enhanced actin fiber formation [5].
  • Dab1 is a key cytoplasmic mediator in Reelin signaling that controls cell positioning in the developing central nervous system, whereas Dab2 is an adapter protein that plays a role in endocytosis [6].
  • Surprisingly, the specificity of GATA-6-induced transactivation of the Dab2 promoter is not mediated through its zinc finger DNA-binding domain [7].
  • We suggest that Dab2 functions in a signal pathway to regulate endodermal cell organization using endocytosis of ligands from the blastocoel cavity as a positioning cue [8].
  • Our findings indicate that Dab2 plays an important regulatory role during cellular differentiation and that induction of differentiation in the absence of Dab2 expression commits the cell to apoptosis [9].

Anatomical context of Dab2


Associations of Dab2 with chemical compounds

  • Forced re-expression of human Dab2, not targeted by the mouse siRNA sequence, rescues cells from apoptosis and restores TGFbeta-mediated integrin activation and EMT [9].
  • These data indicate that Dab2 binds to the SH3 domains of Grb2 via its C-terminal proline-rich sequences [12].
  • Metabolic labeling experiments showed that the gel retardation of p96 was associated with increased phosphorylation of the protein exclusively on serine residues [13].
  • In contrast to the other Doc2 isoforms, the C2 domains of Doc2gamma impair Ca(2+)-dependent phospholipid binding activity [14].
  • Unlike p96, p67 largely resides in RA-treated F9 cell nuclei [15].

Physical interactions of Dab2

  • Disabled-2 (Dab2) is a cytoplasmic adaptor protein that binds to the cytoplasmic tail of the multiligand endocytic receptor megalin, abundantly expressed in renal proximal tubules [16].

Co-localisations of Dab2


Regulatory relationships of Dab2

  • Here, we have demonstrated that TGFbeta induces the expression of the adaptor molecule disabled-2 (Dab2) concomitant with the promotion of EMT [9].
  • This study revealed that the sites, where Dab2 is downregulated in the mutant embryos partly overlap with the Gata3 expression domains, including the mid-embryo region, branchial arches and facio-acoustic (VII-VIII) neural crest complex [17].

Other interactions of Dab2

  • Taken together, these data demonstrate that the mitogen-responsive phosphoprotein Dab2 is a downstream target of GATA-6 in the visceral endoderm [7].
  • These studies suggest that Dab2 p96 mediates endocytosis of megalin in the VE [10].
  • The homozygous Dab2-deficient mutant is embryonic lethal (earlier than E6.5) due to defective cell positioning and structure formation of the visceral endoderm [8].
  • This is the first time when tumor supressor gene Dab2 is shown to be implicated in the defective phenotype of Gata3 mutant mice [17].
  • Endocytosis of cubilin is also impaired in VE and in mid-gestation visceral yolk sac when p96 is absent [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dab2

  • Polypeptide analysis of the purified gbLOX by SDS-PAGE detected two distinct polypeptides (p96 and p94), which were identical to LOX-3 as determined by their partial N-terminal amino acid sequences [18].


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