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Gene Review

NOBOX  -  NOBOX oogenesis homeobox

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Homeobox protein NOBOX, OG-2, OG2, OG2X, Og2x, ...
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High impact information on NOBOX

  • These results suggest that NOBOX directly regulates the transcription of Pou5f1 and Gdf9 in oocytes during early folliculogenesis [1].
  • In addition, we found that promoter regions of mouse Pou5f1 and Gdf9 contain one (-426) and three NOBOX binding elements (-786, -967, and -1259), respectively [1].
  • Factor in the germline (Figla) and newborn ovary homeobox gene (Nobox) represent a growing number of oocyte-specific transcription factors that regulate genes unique to oocytes [2].
  • Nobox is a homeobox gene that is preferentially expressed in the oocytes and is essential for folliculogenesis and the regulation of oocyte-specific gene expression in the mouse [3].
  • Germ cell-specific transcription factors such as Figla and Nobox are critical in oogenesis, while Zfp148 and Taf4b are also critical in spermatogenesis [4].

Biological context of NOBOX

  • Our data suggest that mutations of the homeobox region of the NOBOX gene are uncommon in Japanese patients with POF [5].
  • No mutations in exons 2-6 of the NOBOX gene, including the homeobox region, could be identified in Japanese women with POF [5].

Other interactions of NOBOX


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NOBOX


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