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Gene Review

F5  -  coagulation factor V

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI173222, Activated protein C cofactor, Cf-5, Cf5, Coagulation factor V
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Disease relevance of F5


High impact information on F5

  • Coagulation factor V is a critical cofactor for the activation of prothrombin to thrombin, the penultimate step in the generation of a fibrin blood clot [2].
  • Fatal haemorrhage and incomplete block to embryogenesis in mice lacking coagulation factor V [2].
  • Coagulation factor V in bone marrow was detected by simultaneous immunofluorescent staining with polyclonal burro anti-human factor V antibody or with a panel of murine monoclonal anti-human factor V antibodies [3].
  • The effects of CpG1826 were evaluated in a system where a population of NP68-specific F5 TCR transgenic CD8 T cells is diluted into a polyclonal host following adoptive transfer into C57BL/10 syngeneic recipients [4].
  • In contrast, RU486 had no effect on thymic apoptosis induced by the influenza A nucleoprotein NP366-374 peptide, recognized in context of Db, in F5 TCR transgenic mice [5].

Biological context of F5


Anatomical context of F5


Associations of F5 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of F5


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of F5


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