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Gene Review

qacEdelta1  -  hypothetical protein

Escherichia coli

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Disease relevance of qacEdelta1


High impact information on qacEdelta1

  • We have cloned the plasmid-quinolone resistance gene, termed qnr, and found it in an integron-like environment upstream from qacE Delta 1 and sulI [3].
  • Sixty-three percent of the clinical isolates were positive for the class 1 integron markers intI1 and qacEDelta1 [1].
  • Transfer of antimicrobial resistance (ampicillin, streptomycin and sulphonamides), the tem-1 gene and markers (int1, qacEDelta1, sul1) characteristic of class 1 integrons were evident in one MDR isolate (resistant to 4 antimicrobial classes) when conjugation and transformation experiments were performed [4].
  • The nucleotide sequences of qacE delta 1 genes isolated from environmental isolates of V. cholerae non-O1 and V. parahaemolyticus differed by one base from that of the gene from P. aeruginosa [2].

Biological context of qacEdelta1


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