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Gene Review

TBSVgp4  -  p22 protein

Tomato bushy stunt virus

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Disease relevance of TBSVgp4

  • In this study, we analyzed the influence of two nested genes (p19 and p22) of tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) on disease symptoms in systemically infected plants and in local lesion hosts [1].
  • The contribution of individual genes was determined by bioassays with an infectious clone of wild-type TBSV, with p19/p22 mutant derivatives, and by expression of individual TBSV genes from a heterologous potato virus X (PVX) vector [1].

High impact information on TBSVgp4

  • Transcription of sg mRNA2 in tombusviruses allows for expression of the p19 suppressor of gene silencing and p22 movement proteins [2].
  • The plus-sense single-stranded RNA of tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) encodes a 19-kDa protein, which is translated from a 3' proximal open reading frame (p19) that is entirely nested within the cell-to-cell movement gene (p22) [3].

Biological context of TBSVgp4


Other interactions of TBSVgp4

  • Associated with this differentially regulated suppression was a greatly reduced expression of both the p19 protein, which is responsible for severe symptoms, and the p22 protein, which is associated with cell-to-cell movement of the virus [5].


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