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Gene Review

ifp-1  -  Protein IFP-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on ifp-1

  • Sedimentation analysis demonstrated that IFE-4, but not IFE-1, was present in 48S initiation complexes, indicating that it participates in protein synthesis initiation. mRNAs affected by ife-4 knockout were determined by DNA microarray analysis of polysomal distribution [1].
  • In vitro PGL-1 interacts directly with IFE-1, but not with the other four isoforms of eIF4E [2].
  • IFE-1 is not required for oogenesis, as ife-1(RNAi) hermaphrodites produce viable progeny when normal sperm are supplied [2].
  • Analysis of animals depleted of IFE-1 by RNAi shows that IFE-1 is required for spermatogenesis, specifically for efficient progression through the meiotic divisions and for the production of functional sperm, in both hermaphrodites and males [2].

Other interactions of ifp-1

  • The characterization of three eIF4E isoforms in C. elegans (IFE-1, IFE-2, and IFE-3) was reported previously [3].


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