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Gene Review

ttx-3  -  Protein TTX-3

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on ttx-3

  • Two other LIM homeobox genes, ttx-3 and lin-11, function in the two interneurons AIY and AIZ, respectively [1].
  • Regulation of interneuron function in the C. elegans thermoregulatory pathway by the ttx-3 LIM homeobox gene [2].
  • In ttx-3 mutant animals, the AIY interneuron is generated but exhibits patterns of abnormal axonal outgrowth [2].
  • We describe a set of differentiation markers characteristic for the AIY interneuron class and show that the ceh-10 paired-type and ttx-3 LIM-type homeobox genes function to regulate all known subtype-specific features of the AIY interneurons [3].
  • Finally, we demonstrate that the regulatory relationship between ceh-10, ttx-3 and ceh-23 is only partially conserved in other neurons in the nervous system [3].

Associations of ttx-3 with chemical compounds

  • Lastly, we analyze a mutant allele of the ser-2 tyramine receptor, a target of the ttx-3 Lhx gene in the AIY interneuron class. ser-2 mutants display none of the defects previously shown to be associated with loss of AIY function [4].

Other interactions of ttx-3

  • In mutants of the gene wrk-1, an immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) member whose expression is regulated by ttx-3, capacitance matured normally, whereas outward current matured precociously [5].


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