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Gene Review

unc-3  -  Protein UNC-3

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on unc-3

  • The mutations also affect some food-related functions, including growth rate, the expulsion step of defecation behavior, and the regulation of the dauer larva (a nonfeeding, special third-stage larva) formation in the unc-3 (Olf-1/EBF homolog) background [1].
  • We demonstrate that CeO/E is the product of the unc-3 gene, mutations in which cause defects in the axonal outgrowth of motor neurons, as well as defects in dauer formation, a process requiring chemosensory inputs [2].
  • Epistasis experiments place unc-64 and unc-31 at a different position in the dauer pathway from unc-3 [3].
  • Although originally isolated because of its uncoordinated behavior, this strain was subsequently shown to harbor mutations in two genes; one in the previously identified gene unc-3, accounting for its behavior, and one in a newly identified gene, ace-1, accounting for its selective acetylcholinesterase deficiency [4].


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