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Gene Review

Ptma  -  prothymosin alpha

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Prothymosin alpha, Thym
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  • Interestingly, cycling cells that were synchronized at different stages of the cycle by means of mitotic shake off after nocodazole arrest or double thymidine block did not show variations in the levels of PT-alpha mRNA when progressed synchronously through the cycle [13].
  • PT-alpha mRNA induction seems to require the synthesis of proteic factor(s) since PT-alpha mRNA response to serum restoration was abolished in the presence of cycloheximide [13].
  • The complete murine prothymosin alpha molecule (110 residues) except for the N-terminal methionine deduced from the cloned cDNA has been synthesized by a solid-phase method [14].

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