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Gene Review

EPHA5  -  EPH receptor A5

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BSK, Brain-specific kinase, CEK7, EHK-1, EHK1, ...
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Disease relevance of EPHA5

  • Interestingly, we have identified lineage aberrant expression of EHK-1 in a number of human gliomas [1].

High impact information on EPHA5

  • PTK4 and TYRO4, which encode nonreceptor intracellular PTKs, are located at 4p12 and 4q13, respectively [2].
  • Extensive splice variation and localization of the EHK-1 receptor tyrosine kinase in adult human brain and glial tumors [1].
  • Here, we report the isolation of human EHK-1 cDNAs and the localization of the human EHK-1 gene to chromosome 4q12 [1].
  • Immunohistochemistry for EHK-1 reveals a dendritic staining pattern in cortical neurons and cerebellar Purkinje cells and a marked accumulation of EHK-1 in the somas of pyramidal neurons within the cortex and hippocampus [1].
  • Six EHK-1 mRNA splice variants encoding cell-surface receptors with catalytic domains were identified in adult human brain where a 120-kDa EHK-1 protein predominates [1].


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