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Gene Review

Zfp37  -  zinc finger protein 37

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AV042165, Male germ cell-specific zinc finger protein, Tzn, Zfp-37, Zinc finger protein 37
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High impact information on Zfp37


Biological context of Zfp37

  • We have isolated cDNAs for a new murine zinc finger encoding gene that has been designated Zfp-37 [1].
  • Comparison of cDNA and genomic sequences shows that the Zfp-37 gene is spread over a region of approximately 20 kb and consists of six exons, the large 3' end exon containing the complete zinc finger domain, and 3' UTR [2].

Anatomical context of Zfp37


Other interactions of Zfp37

  • A total of 19 loci were analyzed in these crosses, giving the following gene orders: interspecific cross, centromere-(D4Mit5, D4Mit38)-D4Mit6-(Lv, Tzn, D4Mit44)-wi-Hxb-(D4Mit25, D4Nds9)-(D4Mit7, D4Ler2)-b-D4Mit45-(D4Wsm1, D4Mit27b)-(D4Rck65, D4Mit15), and intraspecific cross, centromere-(Mup-1, wi, Hxb)-b-D4Wsm1 [3].


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  2. Zfp-37 is a member of the KRAB zinc finger gene family and is expressed in neurons of the developing and adult CNS. Mazarakis, N., Michalovich, D., Karis, A., Grosveld, F., Galjart, N. Genomics (1996) [Pubmed]
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