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Gene Review

pmk1  -  MAP kinase Pmk1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on spm1

  • However, the distinctive features of the spm1 delta mutant phenotype and direct biochemical assays suggest that Spm1 does not lie on other known MAP kinase pathways [1].
  • At high osmolarity, spm1 delta cells fail to form colonies [1].
  • Disruption of the spm1+ gene interferes with cell separation and morphogenesis [1].
  • Under conditions of nutrient limitation, hypertonic stress or elevated temperature, spm1 delta cells grow as short branched filaments in which the cell walls and septa are thickened, suggesting defects in polarized growth and cell wall remodeling [1].
  • Deletion of mkh1, skh1 or spm1 results in identical phenotypes, including sensitivity to (beta)-glucanase treatment, growth inhibition on media containing KCl, and filamentous growth on medium containing caffeine [2].


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