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Gene Review

ran1  -  serine/threonine protein kinase Ran1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Disease relevance of ran1

  • The pac1+ gene was previously identified as a suppressor of the ran1 mutant and by its ability to cause sterility when overexpressed [1].

High impact information on ran1

  • ran1+ (pat1+) kinase inhibits exit from the mitotic cell cycle and entry into meiosis [2].
  • These results identify sequences critical for phosphorylation of ste11+ by ran1+ and suggest that mei3+ employs a pseudosubstrate mechanism for its inhibitory function [2].
  • Molecular mimicry in development: identification of ste11+ as a substrate and mei3+ as a pseudosubstrate inhibitor of ran1+ kinase [2].
  • The product of the mei3+ gene acts as a critical meiotic inducer by binding non-covalently to a newly identified protein kinase encoded by the ran1+ gene and inhibiting its enzymatic activity [3].

Biological context of ran1

  • To investigate the essential structural features of the Pac1 RNase, we altered the pac1+ gene by deletion and point mutation and tested the mutant constructs for their ability to complement the snm1 and ran1 mutants and to cause sterility [1].


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