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Gene Review

bvgR  -  regulatory protein BvgR

Bordetella pertussis Tohama I

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Disease relevance of bvgR


High impact information on bvgR

  • By constructing a strain with a deletion in the bvgR regulatory locus, we also show that ectopic expression of Bvg- phase phenotypes decreases the efficiency of colonization, underscoring the importance of Bvg-mediated repression of gene expression in vivo [3].
  • Our analyses demonstrated that all four genes are repressed by the product of the bvgR locus and are activated by the product of the risA locus [4].
  • We undertook an analysis of the transcriptional activation of bvgR expression [5].
  • Analysis of bvgR expression in Bordetella pertussis [5].
  • We have undertaken deletion and complementation studies, as well as sequence analysis, in order to identify the bvgR open reading frame and identify the cis-acting sequences required for regulated expression of bvgR [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of bvgR

  • We identified the bvgR transcript by Northern blot analysis and identified the start site of transcription by primer extension [5].


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