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Gene Review

Ddx3y  -  DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 3,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 8030469F12Rik, ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX3Y, D1Pas1-related sequence 1, D1Pas1-rs1, DEAD box protein 3, Y-chromosomal, ...
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High impact information on Ddx3y

  • Here we show that introduction of Ube1y1 and Dby as transgenes into Sxrb-deletion mice fails to overcome the spermatogenic block [1].
  • By identifying the T cell receptor (TCR) contact sites of the dominant epitope of the Dby gene product, we have designed an altered peptide ligand (APL) that delivers incomplete signals to naive T cells from A1 infinity RAG1(-/-) mice that are transgenic for a complementary TCR [2].
  • The deadbox gene Dby is located on the Y chromosome and encodes an mH antigen that prompts rejection of male tissues by female mice [2].
  • Two genes (Dby and Eif2s3y) were mapped to the Y chromosome and were expressed in male blastocysts [3].
  • Mouse homologues Ddx3y and D1Pas1-PL10 also rescued the mutant cell line at a nonpermissive temperature [4].

Biological context of Ddx3y

  • This result is in accord with meiotic sex chromosome inactivation in that Dby and Ddx are replaced in pachytene spermatocytes by their autosomal retroposon [5].
  • Molecular cloning by rapid amplification of 3'-cDNA ends showed that the Dby gene in the mouse gives rise to 2 transcripts that differ only in the length of the 3'-untranslated region as a consequence of the use of alternative polyadenylation signals [5].
  • The present study aims at characterizing the molecular structure of Dby and comparing its expression with its X- and autosome-linked homologs in embryonic gonads and developing germ cells in mice [5].
  • Although the level of expression of Dby was much lower than its X chromosome homolog, Ddx3 (also known as Ddx3x) in all samples examined, the pattern of expression of the 2 genes was comparable [5].

Anatomical context of Ddx3y

  • RT-PCR analysis of mouse testis RNA from normal and XXSxr(a) mice (devoid of germ cells) has shown that Dby is expressed primarily in somatic cells and that the level of expression is unaltered during germ cell differentiation [6].
  • Expression of Dby in the embryonic gonad increased from day 10.5 and reached a peak at day 17 [5].

Associations of Ddx3y with chemical compounds

  • Among the differentially affected genes that could be verified by quantitative RT-PCR or Western analysis were the insulin like growth factor binding protein-1, retinol dehydrogenase-6 and the Y-chromosomally located gene Dby, among which may be a candidate of relevance for PB-mediated tumor promotion [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ddx3y

  • Induction of dominant transplantation tolerance by an altered peptide ligand of the male antigen Dby [2].


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