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Gene Review

PROCR  -  protein C receptor, endothelial

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of PROCR

  • The results indicate that EPCR plays a major role in protein C activation and suggest that defects in the EPCR gene might contribute to increased risk of thrombosis [1].

High impact information on PROCR

  • EPCR is expressed preferentially on large blood vessel endothelium, raising questions about the importance of protein C-EPCR interaction for augmenting systemic protein C activation [1].
  • Leukocyte changes, fibrinogen consumption, fibrin degradation products, and vital signs were similar between the animals infused with thrombin alone and those infused with thrombin and the anti-EPCR antibody [1].
  • Recently, we identified and cloned a human endothelial cell protein C/activated protein C receptor (EPCR) [2].
  • The nucleotide sequence of murine EPCR and CCD41 exhibited five differences corresponding to one base change, three single-base insertions, and one base deletion in the protein coding region [2].
  • To address this possibility, to better understand structure-function relationships, and to facilitate physiological experiments on EPCR function, we cloned and sequenced murine and bovine EPCR from endothelial cell cDNA libraries [2].

Anatomical context of PROCR


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PROCR

  • Molecular cloning and expression of murine and bovine endothelial cell protein C/activated protein C receptor (EPCR). The structural and functional conservation in human, bovine, and murine EPCR [2].


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