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Gene Review

POU1F1  -  POU class 1 homeobox 1

Bos taurus

Synonyms: Pit-1, Pit1
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High impact information on POU1F1

  • Analysis of 1767 bp of the 5' flanking region, with respect to putative regulatory elements, revealed a TATA box, two binding sites for growth hormone factor (GHF1), a GC box (SP1), a thyroid-response element (TRE) and a silencer (SiL) sequence motif [1].
  • Results suggest that transcription of the bGH gene begins at the 8- to 16-cell stage in bovine embryos, possibly under control of the transcription factor, Pit-1, and that RFLP analysis of the bGH gene can be used to determine parental origin of transcripts in early embryonic development [2].
  • Likewise, transcripts for Pit-1 were detected at 2-cell (n = 125), 4-cell (n = 114), 8-cell (n = 56), 12-to-32-cell (n = 32), morulae (n = 68), and blastocyst (n = 14) stages [2].
  • Growth hormone (GH) and the Pit-1 transcription factor have been shown to be involved in the physiological mechanisms related to growth [3].
  • Rapid communication: localization of POU1F1 to bovine, ovine, and caprine 1q21-22 [4].

Biological context of POU1F1


Anatomical context of POU1F1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of POU1F1


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