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Gene Review

mixl1  -  Mix paired-like homeobox

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, bon, bon/mixer, mix, mix-like
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High impact information on bon

  • In this report, we first show that the zebrafish bonnie and clyde (bon) gene plays a critical early role in endoderm formation. bon mutants exhibit a profound reduction in the number of sox17-expressing endodermal precursors formed during gastrulation, and, consequently, a profound reduction in gut tissue at later stages [1].
  • The endodermal precursors that do form in bon mutants, however, appear to differentiate normally indicating that bon is not required at later steps of endoderm development [1].
  • Overexpression of bon can rescue endodermal gene expression and the formation of a gut tube in bon mutants [1].
  • Consistent with these results, bon-mutant embryos show defects in axial mesoderm gene expression starting at mid-gastrulation stages [2].
  • We find that sur expression is independent of Nodal signaling and that bon is expressed in the absence of Nodal signaling but requires Nodal signaling and Sur for enhanced, maintained expression [3].

Biological context of bon

  • In contrast to the relatively mild defects observed in single mutants, loss of both bon and sur results in a severe phenotype characterized by absence of prechordal plate, cardiac mesoderm, endoderm and ventral neuroectoderm [3].
  • Smoothing of the enveloping cell layer at the midblastula transition occurred normally and expression of bon/mixer and mezzo, zygotic transcription factors indicated that activation of the zygotic genome did occur [4].

Anatomical context of bon

  • Here, we show that, in addition to its previously described role in endoderm formation, Bon also regulates the anteroposterior patterning of the neuroectoderm. bon-mutant embryos exhibit an anterior reduction of the neural plate [2].


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