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Gene Review

eve1  -  even-skipped-like1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704
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High impact information on eve1

  • Expression of eve1 and cad1 was also regulated by FGF activity, suggesting that during gastrulation FGF activity is normally restricted to the germ ring where these genes, and ntl, are expressed [1].
  • In subsequent primary teeth (3 V(1) and 5 V(1)) as well as in their successors (replacement teeth 4V(2), 3V(2), and 5V(2)), eve1 expression was restricted to the differentiating ameloblasts and, again, disappeared when matrix was deposited [2].
  • Then, by 72 hpf, eve1 expression was restricted to the differentiating ameloblasts of the enamel organ during early differentiation stage, and this expression decreased as soon as matrix was deposited [2].
  • During subsequent evolution, two rounds of whole genome duplication followed by individual gene losses gave rise to three paralogs: evx1, evx2, and eve1 [3].
  • The observation of these phenotypes suggests an important role for the eve1 gene in mesodermal cell specification and in the development of the posterior region, and more particularly of the most posterior tail tip where endogenous eve1 messengers are found [4].

Biological context of eve1

  • Therefore, in the zebrafish, eve1 expression in the pharyngeal region is correlated with two key steps of tooth development: initiation and morphogenesis of the first tooth, and ameloblast differentiation of all developing teeth [2].

Associations of eve1 with chemical compounds

  • Exposure of the regenerates to retinoic acid (RA) modifies the boundaries of eve1 and evx2 expression: the signal is down-regulated in the ray region and up-regulated in the interray region [5].

Other interactions of eve1

  • We propose that evx1 and eve1 underwent a complementary loss of expression domain in zebrafish that allowed the maintenance of the two paralogs in accordance with the duplication-degeneration-complementation model [3].
  • These results indicate that eve1 and evx2 products are part of the molecular signals involved in pattern formation of the fin and fin rays in connection with outgrowth [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of eve1

  • In the present work we have studied, by in situ hybridization, the expression and regulation of two vertebrate homologs eve1 and evx2 of the Drosophila pair-rule even-skipped gene family [5].


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