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Gene Review

rx1  -  retinal homeobox gene 1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Retinal homeobox protein Rx1, SO:0000704
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Disease relevance of rx1

  • We also find that Hh signals from ganglion cells participate in propagating expression of ath5, and we suggest that the effects of Hh signals from the retinal pigmented epithelium on photoreceptor differentiation may be mediated by the transcription factor rx1 [1].

High impact information on rx1


Other interactions of rx1

  • The rx homeodomain alone is sufficient to induce ectopic retinal tissue, although weakly so, and this observation, together with results from deletion constructs, suggests that interactions with unidentified transcriptional regulators are important for rx1 and rx2 function during early eye development [3].
  • We conclude that regulated expression of zebrafish rx1 and rx2 helps to define the region of the forebrain fated to give rise to retinal tissue and may be involved in the cellular migrations that lead to splitting of the retinal field and formation of the optic primordia [3].


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