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Gene Review

RPMS1  -  RPMS1 protein

Human herpesvirus 4

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Disease relevance of RPMS1


High impact information on RPMS1

  • Our results demonstrated that RNAs with splicing diagnostic for transcripts containing the BART RPMS1 and BARFO open-reading frames (ORFs) were expressed in CD19(+) but not in CD23(+) B cells isolated from peripheral blood of healthy individuals [2].
  • The effect of RPMS on NotchIC function was further examined in a muscle cell differentiation assay where RPMS was found to partially reverse NotchIC-mediated inhibition of differentiation [1].
  • The BARTs detected were shown possibly to encode the RPMS1 and BARF0 proteins, based on their splicing [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RPMS1

  • The mechanism of RPMS action was examined in cotransfection and mammalian two-hybrid assays [1].
  • Consistent with this function, immunofluorescence assays performed on cotransfected cells showed that there was colocalization of RPMS with NotchIC and with EBNA2 in intranuclear punctate speckles [1].


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