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Gene Review

CalpB  -  Calpain-B

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CALPB, CANP B, CG8107, Calcium-activated neutral proteinase B, Dmel\CG8107, ...
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Disease relevance of CalpB

  • The amino acid preferences were confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis of the autolysis sites of Drosophila calpain B; when amino acids at key positions were changed to less preferred ones, autolytic cleavage shifted to other, adjacent sites [1].

High impact information on CalpB


Biological context of CalpB

  • The enzymes undergo N-terminal autolysis in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner which was shown with CALPB to run parallel with enzyme activation [3].
  • In similar assays, DUK114 was ineffective with Drosophila calpain A or calpain B. To test for its chaperone activity in vivo, DUK114 was transfected into Schneider (S2) cells; after heat shock, the number of viable non-transfected cells started to increase after a lag time; in the presence of DUK114, cell proliferation started at once [5].

Other interactions of CalpB


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