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Gene Review

EBF1  -  early B-cell factor 1

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on EBF1

  • Nonetheless, total energy intake (including solid foods) increased more from 4 to 6 mo in the SF than in the EBF group [1].
  • At 4 and 6 mo, breast milk and total energy intake were measured for a nonrandom subsample (those who could stay overnight in a central unit: 32 EBF and 31 SF) [1].
  • At 4 mo, mothers were randomly assigned to either continue exclusive breast-feeding to 6 mo (EBF; n = 59) or to feed complementary solid foods (jarred rice cereal, chicken, and fruit and vegetables) twice daily from 4 to 6 mo while continuing to breast-feed at their initial frequency (SF; n = 60) [1].


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