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Gene Review

hnrnpc  -  heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C...

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: hnRNP C, hnrnp, hnrpc, snrpc
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Disease relevance of LOC397793


High impact information on LOC397793

  • To study the intranuclear localization of the U1-specific snRNP C protein and its assembly into U1 snRNPs, we injected transcripts encoding a myc-tagged C protein into amphibian oocytes [2].
  • In these oocytes, myc-tagged C protein localized normally in the germinal vesicle and could be immunoprecipitated together with truncated U1 snRNA [2].
  • In both cases the C protein localized within the germinal vesicle in those structures known to contain U1 snRNPs, namely the lampbrush chromosome loops and hundreds of extrachromosomal granules called snurposomes [2].
  • To begin to describe their structure, expression, and function we isolated and determined the DNA sequence of Xenopus laevis C protein cDNA clones [3].
  • Although mammalian genomes contain many copies of C protein sequence, the Xenopus genome contains few copies [3].

Biological context of LOC397793

  • In this communication, C-protein phosphorylation (as measured by isotopic labeling with 32P) is correlated with changes in the rate of relaxation of twitch tension [4].

Anatomical context of LOC397793

  • When C protein RNA was synthesized in vitro and microinjected into stage-VI Xenopus oocytes, newly synthesized C proteins were efficiently localized in the nucleus [3].
  • Possible mechanisms for the effect of Ca2+ on shortening velocity in myocardium include Ca2+ dependence of the rate of ADP dissociation from actomyosin complexes or a shortening-dependent internal load involving structures such as C protein or long-lived myosin cross-bridges [5].
  • Immunoblot and immunofluorescence studies of COS-7 cells revealed that N or C protein fragments could be transiently expressed and detected in the plasma membrane, even in split channels that failed to show functional activity [6].

Associations of LOC397793 with chemical compounds


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