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Gene Review

spen  -  split ends

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 136/24, BcDNA:GM01870, CG18497, Dmel\CG18497, E(E2F)2A, ...
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Disease relevance of spen


High impact information on spen

  • Here we find that the Drosophila gene split ends (spen), has a homeotic mutant phenotype, and appears to encode such a parallel factor [2].
  • spen encodes an RNP motif protein that interacts with Hox pathways to repress the development of head-like sclerites in the Drosophila trunk [2].
  • Previous studies by Dickson and others (Dickson, B. J., Van Der Straten, A., Dominguez, M. and Hafen, E. (1996). Genetics 142, 163-171) identified spen as a gene that acts downstream of Raf to suppress Raf signaling in a manner similar to the ETS transcription factor Aop/Yan [2].
  • Therefore, spen encodes a positively acting component of the DER/Ras signaling pathway [3].
  • Using MGC-targeted expression, we found that increased Ras signaling rescued the lethality associated with expression of a dominant-negative spen transgene [3].

Biological context of spen

  • Genetic analyses indicate that spen interacts with pathways that regulate the function of Hox proteins, the response to various signaling cascades and cell cycle control [4].

Other interactions of spen

  • RESULTS: By generating clones of spen mutant cells in wing imaginal discs, we show that spen function is required for the correct formation and positioning of veins and mechanosensory bristles both on the anterior wing margin and on the notum, and for the maintenance of planar polarity [4].


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