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Gene Review

Waox1a  -  alternative oxidase

Triticum aestivum

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High impact information on Waox1a

  • This increase was inhibited by KCN, indicating that the protein is not a CN-resistant alternative oxidase [1].
  • The Waox1a and Waox1c loci were respectively assigned to the homoeologous group 2 and 6 chromosomes [2].
  • Southern blot analysis indicated that both Waox1a and Waox1c were located in at least three homoeologous loci and that additional AOX genes with lower homology were present in the genome of common wheat [2].
  • Mitochondrial alternative oxidase (AOX) is the terminal oxidase responsible for cyanide-insensitive and salicylhydroxamic acid-sensitive respiration [2].
  • The data support a protective role of the mitochondria towards oxidative cell damage via the up-regulation of the alternative oxidase, and possibly also involving the up-regulated succinate dehydrogenase [3].


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