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Gene Review

SNORD21  -  small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 21

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: RNU21, U21
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Disease relevance of SNORD21

  • We identify and characterize a protein from HHV-7, U21, that binds to and diverts properly folded class I molecules to a lysosomal compartment [1].
  • We report that (i) both nectin2alpha and -delta served as receptors for the entry of HSV-1 mutant viruses HSV-1(U10) and -(U21) and AP7(r) that carry the Leu25Pro substitution in gD but not for HSV-1 mutants U30 and R5000 that carry the Ser140 or Ala185 substitution in gD [2].

High impact information on SNORD21


Biological context of SNORD21

  • Remarkably, U21 contains a long stretch (13 nt.) of complementarity to a highly conserved sequence in 28S rRNA [4].
  • The rod cGMP PDE alpha-, beta-, and gamma-subunit genes map to bovine syntenic groups U22, U15 (chromosome 6), and U21 (chromosome 19), respectively [5].
  • Telemedicine activities in underserved communities were reviewed as part of the Universitas 21 (U21) e-health project [6].
  • Running velocities corresponding to all lactate concentrations showed no significant differences at all age groups, but heart rates in soccer players in the U21 and U19 age groups were significantly lower than in the U17 age group [7].


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