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Gene Review

THADA  -  thyroid adenoma associated

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ21877, GITA, Gene inducing thyroid adenomas protein, KIAA1767, Thyroid adenoma-associated protein
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Disease relevance of THADA

  • In cells from two thyroid adenomas characterized by translocations t(2;20;3) (p21;q11.2;p25) and t(2;7)(p21;p15), respectively, we performed 3'-RACE-PCRs and found two fusions of THADA with a sequence derived from chromosome band 3p25 or with a sequence derived from chromosome band 7p15 [1].

High impact information on THADA

  • Recently, we have been able to describe the involvement of a novel gene called THADA in benign thyroid lesions with 2p21 rearrangements [2].
  • We have developed the GI-Transit-Absorption Model (GITA Model) to analyze and predict the drug absorption kinetics by taking into account both the two factors, ie. GI transit and drug absorbability including its site difference [3].
  • In this review, the importance of GI transit rate in determining the absorption kinetics and the bioavailability of orally administered drugs is discussed mainly employing GITA Model and the results obtained by the model [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of THADA

  • GITA Model has been already evidenced to be very useful for estimating the absorption kinetics of drugs with various characteristics and applied to assess the human data in combination with the gamma scintigraphy [3].


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