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Gene Review

vox  -  ventral homeobox

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, vega1, zgc:136532
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High impact information on vox

  • In turn, vox and vent repress chordin expression, restricting its function as an antagonist of ventral fates to the dorsal side of the embryo [1].
  • In contrast, embryos that lack both vox and vent function have a dorsalized phenotype [1].
  • Functional and hierarchical interactions among zebrafish vox/vent homeobox genes [2].
  • Ved functions redundantly with vox/vega1 and vent/vega2 to restrict the organizer domain [3].
  • Expression of a Dha/Boz fused to the transcriptional activator VP16 repressed dorsal axis formation and the expression of organizer genes but led to the dorsal expansion of expression of the homeobox gene vox/vega1, indicating that Dha/Boz functions as a transcriptional repressor for dorsal axis formation [3].

Biological context of vox

  • The combined inhibition of ved, vox/vega1, and vent/vega2, by antisense morpholino injection, strongly dorsalized the embryos and elicited ventral expansion of organizer gene expression, compared with the effect of inhibiting each of these genes alone [3].


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