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Gene Review

Vim  -  vimentin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Vimentin
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Disease relevance of Vim


High impact information on Vim

  • Expression of IF proteins depends on the route of cell differentiation and five major subclasses of IF proteins have been distinguished: of these, cytokeratins are typical of epithelial cells whereas vimentin occurs in mesenchymally derived cells and some other non-epithelial cells [5].
  • Vimentin binds phosphorylated Erks (pErk), thus linking pErk to the dynein retrograde motor via direct binding of vimentin to importin beta [6].
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopy showed that Ptpro(-/-) mice had an amoeboid rather than the typical octopoid structure seen in the wild-type mouse podocyte and that there were blunting and widening of the minor (foot) processes in association with altered distribution of the podocyte intermediate cytoskeletal protein vimentin [7].
  • Likewise, none of the PCNA or vimentin-positive cells expressed clusterin at detectable levels [8].
  • An increase in desmin and vimentin in mesangial regions was also noted [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Vim


Biological context of Vim


Anatomical context of Vim


Associations of Vim with chemical compounds

  • Only in DMSO-supplemented cultures was vimentin expression of hepatocytes inhibited and no coexpression was observed in the presence of this factor [20].
  • Using a bank of defined antibody markers, we confirmed nestin's pattern of distribution to be different from that of cytokeratin, vimentin, GBC-1, GAP43, and carnosine [21].
  • Markers for astroglial progenitors were vimentin, nestin, zebrin II, and the astroglial-specific glutamate transporter subtype GLAST [22].
  • BACKGROUND: Immunocytochemical analysis of liver has revealed that fat-storing cells (FSC) are heterogeneous with regard to vitamin A content, staining for cytokeratins, desmin, and vimentin and the cytoskeletal protein alpha-smooth muscle actin [23].
  • Treatment of primary cultures of oligodendrocyte precursors with calyculin A, a potent inhibitor of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A, caused the phosphorylation of two intermediate filament components, nestin and vimentin [24].

Physical interactions of Vim


Enzymatic interactions of Vim

  • Comparative analysis of tryptic phosphopeptide maps also indicates that corresponding phosphopeptides emerged in vimentin from OA-treated cells and were phosphorylated by MAPKAPK-2 [26].
  • Two-dimensional phosphopeptide maps of vimentin indicated that a major phosphopeptide phosphorylated by the endogenous calmodulin-dependent kinase also appears to be the same as a major phosphopeptide phosphorylated by the exogenous Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II [27].

Co-localisations of Vim

  • Unlike in IF-containing cells, where plectin colocalized largely with the vimentin network, in the IF-negative subclone the protein was mainly associated with polymeric actin structures [28].

Regulatory relationships of Vim


Other interactions of Vim


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vim


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