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Gene Review

TRH1  -  potassium transporter

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATKT3, F9D16.110, F9D16_110, KUP4, TINY ROOT HAIR 1
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High impact information on TRH1

  • Surprisingly, the trh1 phenotype was not restored when mutant seedlings were grown at high external potassium concentrations [1].
  • Rescue of these morphological defects by exogenous auxin indicates a link between TRH1 activity and auxin transport [2].
  • TRH1 is a member of the AtKT/AtKUP/AtHAK family of potassium carriers that is required for root hair elongation and AKT1 is an inward rectifying potassium channel expressed in the root epidermis, endodermis and cortex of Arabidopsis thaliana [3].

Anatomical context of TRH1

  • These data indicate that both TRH1 and AKT1 are active in the root hair over a wide range of external potassium concentrations, but suggest they have different functions in the growing hair cell [3].


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