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Gene Review

SHR  -  protein SHORT-ROOT

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F19F18.140, F19F18_140, SGR7, SHOOT GRAVITROPISM 7, SHORT ROOT
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High impact information on SHR

  • From analyses of gene expression and cell identity in genetically stable and unstable alleles of shr, we conclude that SHR functions upstream of SCR and participates in a radial signaling pathway [1].
  • Consistent with a regulatory role in radial patterning, ectopic expression of SHR results in supernumerary cell divisions and abnormal cell specification in the root meristem [1].
  • The cytological and molecular analysis of two mutants, shoot gravitropism 1 (sgrl), which is allelic to scarecrow (scr), and sgr7, which is allelic to short-root(shr), indicate that the endodermis is the site of gravity perception in shoots [2].
  • To evaluate the tissue-specificity of CPC movement, CPC:GFP was expressed in the stele using the SHR promoter and in trichoblasts using the EGL3 promoter [3].
  • The putative transcription factor SHORT-ROOT (SHR) is an organizing signal regulating the division of specific stem cells in the Arabidopsis root [4].

Biological context of SHR


Other interactions of SHR

  • Meta-analysis was first used to identify the direct targets of SHR by combining results from an inducible form of SHR driven by its endogenous promoter, ectopic expression, followed by cell sorting and comparisons of mutant to wild-type roots [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SHR

  • The meta-analysis approach was then used to perform a global survey of the SHR indirect targets [6].


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