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Gene Review

CYP72C1  -  cytochrome p450 72c1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: CHI2, CHIBI 2, F20D23.24, F20D23_24, SHK1, ...
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High impact information on CYP72C1

  • The mutant phenotype is caused by the overexpression of SOB7 (CYP72C1), a homolog of BAS1 [1].
  • Unlike BAS1/CYP734A1 the expression of CYP72C1 was not changed by application of exogenous brassinolide [2].
  • We propose that CYP72C1 controls BR homeostasis by modulating the concentration of BRs [2].
  • Overexpression of SOB7 results in a dramatic reduction in endogenous CS levels, and although single null-mutants of BAS1 and SOB7 have the same level of CS as the wild type, the double null-mutant has twice the amount [1].
  • Activation of the cytochrome P450 gene, CYP72C1, reduces the levels of active brassinosteroids in vivo [3].


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