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Gene Review

MYH16  -  myosin, heavy chain 16 pseudogene

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MHC20, MYH16P, MYH5
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High impact information on MYH16

  • Comparative analyses reveal a complex history of molecular evolution for human MYH16 [1].
  • We also find conflicting estimates of nonsynonymous fixation rates (d(N)) across different regions of this gene, revealing a complex pattern inconsistent with a simple model of pseudogene evolution for human MYH16 [1].
  • We describe the pattern of molecular evolution at a sarcomeric myosin gene, MYH16, using more than 30,000 bp of exon and intron sequence data from the chimpanzee and human genome sequencing projects to evaluate the timing and consequences of a human lineage-specific frameshift deletion [1].
  • Our results were consistent with the hypothesis that a multigene family encoded MYH proteins in the ancestral chordate, one gene ancestral to human MYH16 and its homologues and another ancestral to all other vertebrate sarcomeric MYH genes [2].


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