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Gene Review

STH1  -  RSC chromatin remodeling complex ATPase...

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: ATP-dependent helicase STH1, Chromatin structure-remodeling complex protein STH1, NPS1, Nuclear protein STH1/NPS1, SNF2 homolog, ...
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High impact information on STH1

  • Furthermore, in non-induced cells depleted for Sth1p/Nps1p or Swh3p, a nucleosome positioned over the TATA box of the CHA1 promoter is disrupted, an architectural change normally only observed during transcriptional induction [1].
  • However, the NPS1 gene was found to have a distinct function from SNF2/GAM1 [2].
  • We have cloned the gene NPS1 (nuclear protein of Saccharomyces) which encodes a nuclear protein of mol. wt 156 735 Daltons (1359 amino acids) essential for cell growth [2].
  • In the predicted amino acid sequence of NPS1, sequences homologous to the catalytic domain of protein kinases were found [2].
  • The mutant gene failed to rescue the growth defect caused by NPS1 disruption, suggesting that Lys792 is essential for the function of NPS1 [2].

Biological context of STH1


Associations of STH1 with chemical compounds

  • We isolated a temperature-sensitive mutant allele of NPS1 , nps1-105, and found that the mutation increases the sensitivity to thiabendazole (TBZ) [3].

Other interactions of STH1

  • In addition, the expression of NPS1 itself increased transiently upon initiation of meiosis, before the appearance of the IME2 message but after that of IME1 [4].
  • The Snf2 sequence that interacts with Swh3 was mapped to a region conserved in Sth1 [5].
  • Interaction of a Swi3 homolog with Sth1 provides evidence for a Swi/Snf-related complex with an essential function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [5].
  • Both sth1 and sfh1 mutants exhibit altered centromeric and centromere-proximal chromatin structure and increased missegregation of authentic chromosomes [6].


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