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Gene Review

cspC  -  stress protein, member of the CspA-family

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1821, JW1812, msmB
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Disease relevance of cspC

  • One designated cspB is mapped at 35 min on the E. coli chromosome and encodes a 71-residue protein with 79% identity to CspA, while the other, cspC, is mapped at 40 min and encodes a 69-residue protein with 70% identity [1].

High impact information on cspC

  • DNA sequencing revealed that the msmB gene was identical to the cspC gene and that the msmC gene had not been described before [2].
  • To identify proteins interacting with the MukB protein, we isolated three multicopy suppressors (msmA, msmB, and msmC) to the temperature-sensitive colony formation of the mukB106 mutation [2].
  • This diversity in cspC was due to a wide spectrum of variations including insertions of IS elements, deletion, and point mutation [3].

Biological context of cspC

  • In this study, we analyzed global transcript profiles of cells lacking cspE and cspC as well as cells individually overexpressing these proteins or a CspE mutant that is unable to melt nucleic acids and is defective in cold acclimation [4].
  • Screening for mutations among common laboratory E. coli strains showed a high degree of genetic diversity in cspC but not in cspA and cspE [3].


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