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Jaw, Edentulous

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High impact information on Jaw, Edentulous

  • A 91 per cent positive 5-9 year result has been reported when using titanium implants and gold bridges to restore edentulous jaws [1].
  • Immediate occlusal loading of Osseotite implants in the lower edentulous jaw. A multicenter prospective study [2].
  • In this prospective multicenter study, non-submerged ITI implants were followed in order to evaluate their long-term prognosis in fully edentulous jaws [3].
  • The head of a human cadaver was positioned in a Cranex TOME multifunctional unit (Orion Corporation Soredex, Helsinki, Finland) to measure the organ radiation doses after tomographic examinations of the upper and lower edentulous jaw bone [4].
  • High degrees and incidence of invasion of gingival SCC were observed in dentulous jaws without functional occlusion, followed by dentulous jaws with functional occlusion and edentulous jaws [5].

Anatomical context of Jaw, Edentulous


Gene context of Jaw, Edentulous

  • Clinical experience of CNC-milled titanium frameworks supported by implants in the edentulous jaw: a 3-year interim report [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Implant-supported CNC-milled titanium frameworks are a viable alternative to gold-alloy castings in the edentulous jaw, and because a digital platform is used to manufacture these titanium frameworks, photogrammetric impressions can be made [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Jaw, Edentulous

  • The present article describes the use of ITI implants for prosthodontic rehabilitation in the completely edentulous jaw [9].
  • PURPOSE: This study evaluated and compared the clinical performance of laser-welded titanium fixed partial implant-supported prostheses with that of conventional cast frameworks in the partially edentulous jaw [10].
  • METHODS: Five consecutive patients receiving titanium implants (Astra Tech, Mölndal, Sweden) in the normal edentulous jaw were evaluated by bone SPECT before loading and at regular intervals up to 5 months after loading [11].
  • We described the outcome of the patient who underwent simultaneous sagittal splitting ramus osteotomy of the edentulous mandible, interpositional bone graft of severely atrophic edentulous jaws, and delayed placement of titanium implants for reconstruction [12].
  • PURPOSE: The objectives of this thesis were to compare the clinical and material performance of implant-supported titanium frameworks with gold-alloy frameworks in the edentulous jaw and to test a digitized impression technique to optimize material characteristics and clinical and laboratory procedures [8].


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